Our History: 

The Springfield Supported Housing Program (SSHP) was founded in 2006 to assist families and individuals in Windsor and Northern Windham counties who were either experiencing homelessness, or in danger of losing their housing, to find permanent, affordable housing and receive at-home case management.   

Richard McInerney and Rich Moore (see below), in collaboration with the Springfield Family Center and the Springfield Department of Children and Families developed the framework of the agency. The Richs began working together in Brattleboro, VT with the Morningside Shelter. At the shelter they saw how supported housing led to longer lasting housing success. Rich Moore said about their work at the shelter “in the first year we learned that people did well in a shelter with rules and expectations and guidance, but when they left they would have to come back to the shelter again. Over the course of two or three years we learned that there are some deep rooted, life long issues, and people need more help than just a short stay in a shelter.” After more than 15 years with the shelter, they looked to Springfield to develop a similar program. They worked with local service providers to create a program that met the needs of the community. They began working at the Springfield Family Center, where they met with clients and landlords to develop long lasting relationships and successful tenancies. In 2008 SSHP received the Vermont Agency of Human Services Award “in recognition of extraordinary contributions to the health and wellbeing of Vermonters.” Upon receiving the award, Rich McInerney said “The program’s success is based on an accurate assessment of the issues and circumstances that lead to homelessness, the supports and services necessary to address these issues, and an honest and positive relationship with landlords.”  The agency has expanded with new programs and opportunities to reach clients with different needs. SSHP now operates with multiple programs including Department of Corrections, Alcohol and Drug Use, Reach Up, Homeless Opportunity Grant Program, Economic Services Division and with local area medical services.

SSHP Flow Charts

SSHP Services Flow Chart

SSHP Programs Flow Chart

Program Eligibility Requirements

1.         Head-of-household must be at least 18 years of age.

2.         Participants must be homeless or displaced and referred to SSHP through a participating agency.

3.         Participants must demonstrate an ability to pay rent.

4.         Families and individuals will be selected and placed in size-appropriate units.

5.         Participants must demonstrate a willingness to set goals and work towards achieving those goals.

6.         Participants must be willing to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the Participant Contract and Lease Agreement.