“I was caretaking a house that was sold. I had 30 days to move out. I immediately went to SSHP and explained my situation. They were very helpful by explaining the process. I was relieved to find out about their housing program. Everyone at SSHP was very helpful and guided me in the right direction to find housing. I would recomment SSHP to anyone looking for housing support! I am very grateful for SSHP and thier support and guidance to find housing.” – Participant in HOP Program 2022

I served as an AmeriCorps VISTA with SSHP from August 2020 to August 2021. With SSHP I had a variety of opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the agency and engage with community partners. These experiences provided me with the skills and knowledge for housing casework. At SSHP I felt supported to ask questions and pursue projects that interested me while helping to build the agency’s capacity and community connections. I was fortunate to meet with landlords, housing navigators, local officials, state representatives, and community members. As an AmeriCorps volunteer I could collaborate with other VISTAs from around Vermont. This gave me a greater perspective on housing challenges at the state level. During my VISTA term I connected my values with my service, which has guided my pursuit of new opportunities. The team at SSHP supported these values and provided me the space to develop the skills necessary to begin a career in housing.” – AmeriCorps Vista 2021

“The experience overall has been good, I am a recovering alcoholic and recovering addict and I have a lot of issues going on from my past and it had actually been a long time since I had my own place. Working with SSHP has given me an opportunity to have a roof over my head, gain some independence, and get back into the swing of things and back on a normal level. It’s been a pretty good experience. I was trying to overcome a lot of obstacles in the past 3-5 years and this program has allowed me to do that. In terms of housing in Springfield, your options are limited, but I continue to put one foot in front of the other. Nowadays I do what is required to maintain what I’ve got over the past couple of years.”~ Participant in ADAP Program. March 2021

“Before getting connected with a Case Manager, we spent 6 months homeless in motels. At SSHP it was an easy and smooth process you benefit from. If I need anything my Case Manager is right here.” ~ Participant in HOP Program. September of 2020

“I was in a motel before Reach Up referred me to SSHP. The process was great, I was able to stay longer than 3 months due to health and COVID and the Case Manager was great with the kids. They helped me get a voucher for Windham County due to low vacancies in Windsor County… I just want to be financially stable and have a place for my children.”~ Participant in the SSHP Pilot Program. October of 2020

“Before I came into this program, I was stuck; only dreaming of getting out of the addict’s lifestyle, and going nowhere. Today, instead of feeling numb and then guilty of my choices, I am accepting change and actually setting and achieving my goals. Bottom line: I’m grateful to have this opportunity with SSHP and DOC and the accountability they provide.” ~ Participant in the DOC/SSHP transitional housing program. March of 2019

Springfield Supported Housing Program