“Before getting connected with a Case Manager, we spent 6 months homeless in motels. At SSHP it was an easy and smooth process you benefit from. If I need anything my Case Manager is right here.” ~ Participant in HOP Program. September of 2020

“I was in a motel before Reach Up referred me to SSHP. The process was great, I was able to stay longer than 3 months due to health and COVID and the Case Manager was great with the kids. They helped me get a voucher for Windham County due to low vacancies in Windsor County… I just want to be financially stable and have a place for my children.”~ Participant in the SSHP Pilot Program. October of 2020

“Before I came into this program, I was stuck; only dreaming of getting out of the addict’s lifestyle, and going nowhere. Today, instead of feeling numb and then guilty of my choices, I am accepting change and actually setting and achieving my goals. Bottom line: I’m grateful to have this opportunity with SSHP and DOC and the accountability they provide.” ~ Participant in the DOC/SSHP transitional housing program. March of 2019